Hello my fellow muscle car aficionados. As you know well, every now and then, we are taking a little break from our favorite muscle monsters that we love so much, and try to relax ourselves and all of you who are following the on a regular basis, with something truly exciting. And if one is looking for utterly exciting, ultimately thrilling and eccentric things in this world, Dubai would be the place to find it. I`m sure that many of you can remember the latest skydiving Dubai stunt that we had shown you just a couple of weeks ago, that was featuring Dubai Jetman and Emirates A380 Airbus. Well, if you liked that one, here is another one that might be even more thrilling and suspenseful than that one.

This time we have the Skydive Dubai stunt guys, teamed up with Never Before Events, creating the so called “Dream Jump” experience, that took place between April 13th and 19th this year. And this time the guys are taking a plunge from over 1 300 feet above the sea level, from the 99th floor of the legendary Princes Tower in Dubai.

I`m not going to bother you with any unnecessary chit chats about it, so just have a look at the video below and experience one of the most insane stunts ever made. Then again, if you want to learn more about this event in details, go to this link.