Ryan Anderson ‘Son-uva Digger’ Pulls Off A Physics-Defying REVERSE WHEELIE At The Monster Jam!

The Monster Jam is unlike any other motorsport category. With the arrival of Freestyle competitions, this monster truck series implemented all the insane stunts of X-Games skateboarders and BMX bikes. However, they cranked all of those features with 1500 horsepower! Lately, nobody shows that better than the driver of the Son-uva Digger – Ryan Anderson. He is a real freestyle superstar. Ryan Anderson who followed in the steps of his father, monster truck legend – Dennis Anderson, showcased his freestyle excellence at the Syracuse Monster Jam 2017 that was held at the renowned Carrier Dome. The most astonishing highlight of his performance was the reverse wheelie stunt.

Anderson`s entire performance was captured by Diane Conger who is a massive monster truck fan and posted it on Facebook. It`s a three-minute routine that will make you reconsider everything you knew about how a 10,000 –pound truck can move. It`s really a physics-defying spectacle. The entire freestyle performance is awesome. However, as we said, the real jaw-dropper is the slow-motion reverse wheelie that occurs at 2:05. Anderson dominated the entire Freestyle event delivering a near perfect score of 9.900. He also managed to win in all three racing passes that gave him an overall victory at the Syracuse Monster Jam 2017.

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