And the DARWIN Award Goes to: Leon’s Twin Turbo VW Trike!

To get a little bit of a sweet pause of our beastly sport cars, we decided to introduce you today the most popular 3 wheeler or as we say “trike“. The VW trike is powered with a TT engine so this vehicle will grab your attention in the first second, as it shows its big potential for massive adrenaline rushes on the streets.

However, fans argue that this may be one of the few mistakes that VW made so far. The trike has typically 2275-2332cc engines that are mainly for street use with 100 RON fuel. So the issue is that VW usually makes way more power than that. Also, this problem along with the one that there is a big lack of safety sense can be changed with aluminum V8, as others say.

From our point of view this trike is producing more than 190HP, but it is not heavy enough to keep traction. Transaxles are looking satisfying, but this trike does not weigh and as you will see anything more than 190HP would be dangerous.

But what is your opinion? Let us know after you watch the video below. However, check out the best trikes!

Enjoy the video below!

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