Great Aluminum Wheels Restoration! Restoring The Shine & Bringing Back The Luster!

In this video, we have one excellent method for restoring neglected aluminum wheels. If your aluminum wheels have a tremendous amount of curb rush around you can grind that down with a flap wheel. Then you can use an electric sander with a fine 220 sandpaper to sand the surface that`s been grinded. After the 220 sandpaper, you can use some steel wool and that would bring out the spots that maybe need a little more work. The guy in the video uses 4 OTT steel wool which is pretty fine for this kind of aluminum wheels restoration. Afterwards, it`s time to wash the wheels.

You can wash them with an Eagle One etching mag cleaner and that proved to be very successful. Using this method, the dirt came off pretty easily on the backside of the wheel. However, what it didn`t do is remove the residue from the tape on wheel weights. So, this guy`s solution is to use a wire wheel on a grinder and cleaned the adhesives on the backside of the wheel that way. Now, probably some of you may find some flaws in this aluminum wheels restoration method as some of the YouTube community did. However, you will probably agree that there are some pretty useful tips in this tutorial.

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