All-Electric, Semi-Autonomous Yamaha Motorbike!

Just as many of us thought that we have seen just about anything when it comes to the vehicle industry and its abilities, a new video of a concept vehicle appears leaving all of us in great shock. We have previously encountered many such videos in which brand new motors and their designs have been presented to everyone, but this Yamaha motorbike is a step forward. It is unlike any other motor we have so far seen, and is guaranteed to amaze you. Namely, this is an all-electric motorbike, which is semi autonomous as well.

Owner Interact With Yamaha Motor 2

But, the great things do not stop here. There is a lot more of what this Yamaha motorbike can do to amaze us and we bet there are other tricks in the sleeve. We can without a doubt say that this is probably the smartest bike we have ever seen. It has tons of artificial intelligence, but the best part about it is that it can recognize and interact with its owner.

Even though the video we are about to see is fairly short, we still get the chance to take a sneak peak of how this facial recognition is going to look like and what the rider is going to be capable of while interacting with it. It is called the Yamaha MOTOROiD and it is the latest piece of ingenuity that Japan, the country of amazing inventions, has to offer. We simply cannot wait to see more of what the Yamaha motor is capable of. What do you think about it?

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Yamaha Motodroid

Meet Yamaha Motor's all-electric, semi-autonomous motorbike.

Posted by Tech in Asia on Monday, October 30, 2017