Airbus A390 3-Decker Aircraft!

We are all currently witnessing the major progress and innovation that is happening into the world of cars, but one thing is for sure, the aircraft industry is doing the same thing. There is a major progress that can be easily seen once you take a look at the aircrafts that flew the sky just couple of decades ago, compared to the ones we have now. One such plane that surely marks this major progress is surely the one and only Airbus A390. This aircraft presents the pinnacle point of what the aircraft technology has managed to conquer over the years. This mighty plane is extremely large and spacious; in fact, it can carry more than 1,000 passengers per flight.

Airbus A390 3-Decker Aircraft 2

There are three levels on the Airbus A390, which are basically divided into classes of comfort. This glorious machine is powered by six massive engines, though we have to admit that the resemblance is massive compared to its predecessor, the Airbus A380. Its engines are more than enough to cope with the massive size and weight of the plane; however flight range has been reduced to 11-12 thousand kilometers.

The Airbus A390 is also considered to be as not so fast plane; hence it is not supersonic and has maintained its airspeed at about the same level. Due to its size, some airports need to extend its runway hence the runway should be at least two kilometers long.

What do you think about this plane and would ever want to fly with it?