Abandoned Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Graveyard!

There are lots of things that we feel sorry for, but whenever we see dozens of cars rusting away in some field or a barn we get the feeling of sadness. Taking a look at those awesome cars that once ruled the streets of our town is awful. However, there are times that we simply cannot do anything about it. Hereby, in this video we take a look at what might be the largest graveyard of the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth that we have ever seen. Yes, there are dozens and dozens such cars simply rusting away in this field.

Abandoned Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 2

The video lasts for about 4 minutes and there are several pictures in which we see lines of the same Ford Sierra RS Cosworth simply sitting one to another. One amazing aspect about them is the fact that someone took his time and grouped the cars according to the color. Hereby, we see group of white such cars parked together at one end, and black ones parked at the other end. Unfortunately enough, there is not much information about the place itself or the owner.

Nonetheless, this guy managed to put together an amazing video, a video which made us sad and happy at the same time. Just imagine salvaging those cars yet once again and giving them life. It would be simply a pleasure and joy to work on one such Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, don`t you think? Take a look at the full video for more!

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