Kids Found Abandoned 737 Plane In The Middle Of Nowhere!

When you think of the words ” abandoned 737 “, if your childish spirit is still alive, you think – adventure! That`s exactly what these guys thought when they set out in the jungle to find a plane they heard about that laid abandoned there. After some hours of walking around the wilderness, they finally come upon a clearing that has the abandoned plane right in the middle of it, but it`s sealed off with a fence and security. When the group tries to bribe the security, they don`t accept the bribe and turn the group away.

Abandoned 737 Plane 2

This leaves them with no choice – they leave, but since they heard of another abandoned plane in the vicinity, they went there instead, to try and see if they can get into that one. When they reach the second abandoned 737, they set up camp around it and try to find any openings that they can enter the plane through.

Finally, they find a hatch that goes into the interior of the plane, but it just as an opening to go in the cargo part. So, one of the guys climbs up, slips through the opening and into the cargo hold and finds what appear to be a bunch of blankets in boxes and bags. It`s unclear whose property they are, and if they were there with the plane, so the guy just crawls out of the cargo area and packs up. They never get to see the passenger area of this abandoned 737, but the rest was well worth it.

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