A380 Pilot Guides Us Through The Flight Process Of His Gigantic Plane!

Having an A380 pilot for a friend is a treasure because you get to see these things and know what they are.

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However, for the rest of us who only know mere mortals, the information in this video is breath-taking. It depicts the experienced captain Joachim Schwarzenberg guiding us through the flight process of his 500-ton flying machine. First, he begins the after-starts checklists procedure and is then cleared for takeoff by air traffic control. Then, the Airbus builds up speed until it reaches an astounding 165 miles per hour in six seconds. To accomplish this, the experienced pilot pushes the throttle lever forward and his engines all start at the same time, propelling the giant plane forwards by increasing the thrust from the processes in the jet engines.

When this A380 pilot reaches the optimum takeoff speed, he pulls on the side stick which adjusts the position of the elevators, little fins which are located on the tail, about 230 feet behind the cockpit. Then, the plane uses forces of nature such as the lift and rotation effects to lift the nose of the plane up and get the plane up in the air.

This is because when the elevators on the tail are pushed upwards, a lot more air hits them which makes the plane lift its nose up, but simultaneously as that happens, the plane is hit in the stomach with a lot more air than before, making it lift off the ground effortlessly. Thus, 500 more people have just floated up in the air with the help of a machine.

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