A Little Morning Gymnastics with a R34 Nissan Skyline BLACK!

I`m sure that you have heard the claim that the Nissan Skyline R34 is one of the very best sports cars ever made, and in the gearheads` circles it has a cult status, as the very best Nissan in the whole series. What is it about these great Japanese rocket-sleds that we love so much? Well, one of the things that sets this car aside from many others is (apart from the `old school` angular appearance) the awesome and technically sophisticated four wheel drive, as well as the steer chassis that is able to cling perfectly when one drives it on a curvy road. This means that it puts the four wheel drive through the rear wheels, until the engine `sense` that there is a need for some torque to the front. You have got to admit it (especially if you have already experienced it) that it is a real blast, rarely found in such a perfectly engineered state in other sports cars. That is the reason why we never get tired of it, nor from watching the R34 (especially because you do not get to see them very often these days) in action. Here we have a video with another one Nissan Skyline black, getting its legs stretched out and than `taking a rest` in the container. It is a little banged up at the front, but other than that, it seems to be in a perfect condition.

Anyway, you know that the Nissan Skyline black can go so far and race a plane?

Enjoy the video below!

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