Here Is What Happens When You Add Nitro to 1977 Ford Falcon XC!

This 1977 Ford Falcon XC reminds us that the greatest country to manufacture muscle cars except the U.S. is Australia. It definitely proves that Australians love muscle cars that are Blue Oval branded just as Americans do. Their concept of building muscle cars is the same --massive V8 under the hood and retro sheet metal. However, some things like the body styles are different. This Falcon is definitely the embodiment of that. This car never made it in the USA. However, it`s one of Australia`s most beloved muscle cars.

900HP Nitro 1977 Ford Falcon XC 1

This Falcon XC is a special edition and it has the power to make you feel more than just feelings of envy. Why? Well, give this naturally aspirated V8 engine just a single rev and you will skip past the envy and go straight down to being terrified. This 1977 Ford Falcon XC features such a clever tuning that its engine produces 700HP when not provoked. However, when it`s coaxed with nitrous, that figure goes up to 900HP! The car features a 434 ci Cleveland engine, CHI heads, 411-fearing and a very high rise manifold.

All this is done to make sure that it will remain a 10 second beast on a small budget, Australian style. Having said this, we think that this car is completely mental. One last thing worth mentioning is that the owner of this car is British and the car is currently in the U.K. We really would like to hear more how this car ended up in the U.K because an Australian muscle car in the U.K is an extremely rare sight.

And if you want to watch one Ford Falcon racing, then follow this link!