8 Wrong Car Myths We Actually Believed!

Throughout the years we have heard all sorts of stories, myths and dilemmas about cars. Some of them have turned out to be true, whereas some were absolutely nonsense, even though at first we thought that they were true. Hereby, to put an end to all of those dilemmas, we take a look at this video in which we see 8 car myths that are not actually true, even though we thought they were. It is commonly thought that using your phone while you are refueling is going to cause a massive explosion.

These Car Myths Are Actually Wrong 2

Even though they might cause a sort of static electricity, but this myth is in fact wrong and such situations are nearly impossible to happen. Namely, this myth appeared back in the days when the first mobile phones actually had antennas on them, which was the place where the spark could have come from. It was often said that filling up your car in the morning is going to save you money.

There have been some speculations and dilemmas about fuel expansion inside the tank, but over the years it was proved that this was in fact wrong. The fuel still has the same energy content, even though there was a slight increase in the volume inside the tank. Moreover, the fuel is actually stored underground where the temperatures do not vary often. If you want to take a look at more busted car myths, take a look at the full video and you might learn something you did not know!

At last, check out these ridiculous car myths!