8-Second Mind-Blowing Corvette ZR1! No Gearhead In The World Can Afford To Miss This!

Certain time ago, an amazing 2014 Corvette Stingray was fitted a nitrous oxide system and achieved an awesome 9.99 second quarter mile. This was one of the most breath taking scenes ever! But, this was nothing in comparison with this stunning Corvette ZR1 which passed a 8.92 second quarter mile, with a top speed of 156.25 mph. You are surely wondering what makes this Corvette so mind-blowing fast. The answer is the new pistons by Mahle Motorsports and the GM parts. However, the following video features a few tries of the Vette ZR1 at the drag strip. It didn`t manage to pass the finish line after 8.92 seconds on the first try, but this doesn`t mean it wasn`t impressive! Apparently, this beautiful Vette ZR1, owned by Eric Lancaster, is the fastest ZR1 without nitrous. The first try at the ¼ drag strip is with a blower only. In this try, the black Corvette ZR1 passed the finish line after 9.3 seconds!

It also managed to accelerate all the way up to 151mph! But, these guys thought this was not enough, so they tried out the Vette ZR1 once again! The second time, it had a better result! In the seconds showing, it managed to finish after 9.17 seconds, going 158 miles per hour! Quite impressive we must say. These results were achieved without using nitrous, and this changed in the last try! With nitrous, the Corvette ZR1 finally broke the 9 seconds barrier, finishing after 8.92 seconds! The difference the nitrous made was quite evident at the start, when the Corvette just stormed off! Given the fact that the car is stock bottom end, makes this result even more spectacular! Just imagine what this beauty would do with a custom bottom end!  

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