8 Sec Cuda Loud HEMI Experience PUMPS You Up With Adrenaline!

Check out this 8 Sec Cuda Experience! It Will PUMPS You Up With Adrenaline and Makes You Want to SCREAM! Nothing Sounds Like A Real loud HEMI!

Besides the fact that this car has an astonishing sound, that same sound can be scary as well. Especially if you don`t see it coming. In most of the videos we have the chance to see what`s hiding under the hood. But this time, we have a rare opportunity to see what is it like to be in the inside of a dragster! Frankly, we watched that section carefully, repeating it several times and also pausing it in order to have a better view of the components. Furthermore, we can see the some of the final preparations before the race! Damn That Was Quick!

Finally, check out this fast Cuda over here!

Enjoy the video below!

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