$600.000 Were Paid For A LAND ROVER Bonhams Defender!

We know that Land Rovers are getting more and more expensive… but, $600K?! Come on! It seems like a lot, and it is! However, the one in stake is not a regular Defender, nor was it a typical sale. This model of Defender LAND ROVER Bonhams, that got sold for more than half a million bucks, is the 2.000.000th example that the company has built!

land rover bonhams defender 7

land rover bonhams defender 9

Before this, a restored 1970 Range Rover was sold for amazing $217.000 in London, but this one sure broke all the limits! Check out the gallery and see if it was worth of! Enjoy the photos!

Finally, we bet you didn’t know these things about the Defender!