5 Places You Must Visit On Your UK Road Trip

If you`ve never visited the UK, there are different places to color your trip. How do you identify the best places to visit? Here is everything you need to know. Just read on! Even on your first visit to the UK, it is an excellent idea to breaks the monotony and has fun. After all, the fantastic adventures you enjoyed will be a source of precious memories later in life. The good news is that there are unlimited travel destinations in the UK. Regardless of the business that brought you to this beautiful country, you can still have fun. So what are the best places to visit and color your road trip to the United Kingdom?

5 Places You Must Visit On Your UK Road Trip 1

  1. Abergwesyn Pass – Powys, Wales

This is one of the spots you don`t have to miss! It takes 40 minutes to drive over the incredible landscape. Most visitors are astonished by the fantastic bends, sharp steeps, steep ascents, and breathtaking bridges. It`s a 479 meters journey reaching its tip at the backdrop of forests and mountainous place with well-lined houses.

  1. Antrim coast- Northern Ireland

This is a beautiful place to explore by car. The area has lane as well as winding ways around Belfast heading up at Antrim coast. You can also consider other exciting places like Navan Center and Fort that you can visit driving along the A29 road.

  1. Cheddar Gorge – Somerset, England

Don`t forget to visit the famous Cheddar Gorge – Somerset, England. This is the most prominent and renowned gorge in Britain. It is situated between Bristol and Weston Super-Mare. It is made up of twists and turns of 450-foot cliffs of limestone. Besides, it features stalactite caverns and reveals prehistoric features that are quite pleasing. You can climb the mountain that has its highest peak at 495 meters. Fortunately, it will only take you about 45-minute to drive across the mountain if you have a quality car.

5 Places You Must Visit On Your UK Road Trip 3

  1. Knowsley Safari Park

Would you like to enjoy an African safari and ride through plains filled with troops of baboons, lions, and elephants? Knowsley safari park and Livingstone Cottage in the Port Lympne Reserve located in Kent is the right place to visit. This place has all you need for a refreshing experience.

  1. Livingstone Cottage

You will have a chance to see wildlife in their natural habitat. The area is filled with sharp corners as well as hairpin bends and riverbanks. It is a 347-meter journey with some of the most beautiful features.

What Is The Best Means Of Transport To Those Places?

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The UK has excellent natural features such as rugged coastlines, mountain views, historic sites, and golden coaches. But there are key places you must visit if you are planning a visit soon. These visits will give you a happy stay and create unforgettable experiences and a great road trip.