22 Parking Revenge Scenarios You Don’t Want To Experience!

When you see someone put their car in two spots instead of one, or block you in, you just want to get your parking revenge, don`t you?

22 Parking Revenge Scenarios bad 1

Well, these people have had enough as well and they decided to take matters into their own hands. The first scenario depicts a Russian man who had enough of bad parkers and he breaks the front left window of the car. Then, he calls over a friend with a cement truck and they fill the badly parked car with cement. I bet that guy will think twice about where he parks! Another guy got his car covered in blue and white post-it notes shaped like the disabled parking space sign. The dude was furious, but I bet he will be more careful from now on!

Another parking revenge is calling out the person who parked in your spot, on the path right in front of your house of right in front of your door by leaving a funny and sarcastic note on his car. Also, if a small car happens to park in the middle of two spaces, just give it a little push and it will be in only one space, but on its side!

Also, you could draw a chalk line around the car parked in two spaces with an insulting message at the bottom – they`ll definitely reconsider their parking habits from now on! Another driver in Italy had his car shrink-wrapped together with a garbage container when he parked improperly right next to it. Karma will get us all, according to this video!

At last, check out the Guinness world record for the tightest parking ever done.