2019 McLaren Senna Street Legal Hypercar Unveiled!

There have been some absolutely amazing and unbelievable supercars that have been launched this year, and before we wrap everything up, we must check out this one of a kind McLaren Senna. Yes, this supercar is guaranteed to make your blood boil. But this car is something more than just a plain supercar i.e. it is extremely easy and joyful to drive. Once you are going to check out at some of the features and peculiar details the McLaren Senna has, you are going to be absolutely amazed.

Probably the most obvious exterior detail is the windows that are cut into each of the doors. Moreover, we all already know where the name came from and we are all glad that his legacy is going to be even better with the help of this car. Once you take a look at the basic structure of the car, you are going to find a big resemblance on the 720S. But what do the numbers have to say about this car?

Well, it has a 4.0L flat-plane-crank ubiquitous twin turbocharged V8 engine that is capable of making as much as 789 HP. The McLaren Senna is going to have a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. But getting your hands onto one such car is going to be no easy task hence only 500 are going to be ever made and they are going to cost over a million dollars.

One thing is for sure, this car is going to become an absolute collector`s item!