2016 Chevrolet Camaro: Leaner But With Incredible Curvy Lines!


We have already witnessed what the new 2016 Camaro might look like. We were kept in touch by GM Inside News, that regularly posted updates on the 2016 Camaro looks. As far as we remember it looked less plump and leaner than the current, but remained its incredible curvy lines. The 2016 Camaro really looks like it has been brought from the 2012, only with adds on. It surely has the appearance like it has been freeze in 2012 and brought up to light now, only with a new styling.

All this could have passed without much drama, until a certain smarty pants guy announced that the concept resembles very much the Tru140 idea. According to the reactions on the blog this wasn’t unheard of. If you ask us, these drafts, plans, ideas, concept surpass our limits for reality. The design is just a bit too futuristic.


We are eager to see if any of these ideas shall become reality. However, at this point, at the very beginning of 2014 we have two whole years ahead to see what will happen.