New 2015 Mustang – The First Ford With The SYNC AppLink System!

Yes, the title of this article says it all. The First Ford new 2015 Mustang, that will be up for sale later this year, is the first car that features next generation SYNC®AppLink tm  system. The system is designed to ease the access to new features from the mobile applications while sitting behind the wheel.

This new 2015 Mustang shall be the the only vehicle featuring menus easy to understand, enhanced voice control as well as all sorts of new high-tech things, all made by the team of AppLink Ford SYNC. As we all know First Ford is a brand that gives it best to simplify things and to open driver a path to new technologies. The new smart phones are part of their all-new idea. Other interesting stuff and apps are also on their way. Once you connect yourself to this awesome app, you shall have an open gate to all latest technologies concerning Mustangs.


Whats great about all these things is they are so easy to be handled. All the drivres have to do is to press the simple SYNC thingy on their wheel, and that shall be about it!

And listen to this! All that you need to know shall be read out loud to you, regardless the activation of the system. So, this means that you shall be notified about everything that happens in your car.

As  Ford`s global director of connected services explained, their goal is to simplify the ride of the Mustang drivers as well as to notify them on practically anything that happens around them.

All 2015 Mustangs have this super app.

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Written by Sanja Bazerko