2012 Drag Week: 7.68 from Todd Maschmeier and More!

It is unbelievable how cars can put their owners in an awkward or dramatic situation. That is what happened with the award-winning Todd Maschmeier`s vehicle at 2012 Drag Week that was going great, and then had an accident on the road. So, it got fixed in a record braking time and then it continued to ride just as new braking its own record with 7.68 in a quarter.

However, Todd is not satisfied, he wants more! So, he introduced several modifications to the car and went back on the track. However, we`ve heard that the `68 Camaro is again causing problems, so it is up to Todd to decide what`s next. We are going to wait and see!

Finally, check the Gallery from the 2012 Drag Week on this link!