2006 Custom Widebody Mustang!

Autotrader.com can sometimes offer you some real gems. Speaking of, it was here that we found this whole sheet metal body 2006 Tiger Snake Custom Widebody Mustang.

2006-tiger-snake-custom-widebody-mustang-09 c 2006-tiger-snake-custom-widebody-mustang-09 x 2006-tiger-snake-custom-widebody-mustang-09 xx 2006-tiger-snake-custom-widebody-mustang-09v 2006-tiger-snake-custom-widebody-mustang-09 2006-tiger-snake-custom-widebody-mustang-08 2006-tiger-snake-custom-widebody-mustang-01

As it was stated it`s an award winner and show quality baby.

The car features Brembo brakes, air suspension and custom 20-inch Moz rims. 

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