$200 Million Headquarters Office Building for Hyundai Motor America!

 hyundai motor america Fountain Valley California

The new Headquarters Office Building will be a Representation of the Creativity and Innovation of Hyundai!

The new headquarters of Hyundai Motor America in Fountain Valley, California is the biggest investment in the the office building in United States that Hyundai has ever made. The office tower exterior glass is already installed, so it is already finished from the outside.

John Krafchik, Hyundai Motor America CEO said that it is expected the new headquarters building to close up the company to the realization of their vision. According to him this new office building will be a representation of the creativity and innovation of Hyundai as one of the biggest automakers.

Sleek and Modern Design of the Headquarters Building!

The architectural company “Gensler” is building the new headquarters in a sleek and modern design with an addition of classic styling with the installation of 900 energy efficient perimeter glass panels on the exterior. The glass panels are made from glass layers with light, solar and acoustic benefits, ceramic composition “frig” as well as performance coating.

Hyundai will achieve the best level of green building process LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) -certification for their new headquarters building for the construction, design and operations.

The new headquarters building will have 6 story towers that will be connected to a technical services facility. 500,000 sq. ft. will be the building surface and additional free standing parking structure.

Two high entrances will lead to an open air public courtyard in the center and two lobbies will be home to different Hyundai vehicles, with the visible display from the 405 Freeway.

hyundai motor america headquarters

1,530 Jobs and High Related Economic Activity 
will be Created!

This new Hyundai Motor America headquarters will create more than 1,530 new jobs and will lead to very high related economic activity.

Construction will completed at the end of 2013.

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