1972 WINNEBAGO With 900 Blown Chevy LS! THE FASTEST RV IN US!

What would you do if you get an old RV that does not look much? That was the question which the Ring brothers asked themselves, when they had bought this old RV truck. The logical answer was that either they give it to somebody, or take it home, put some time and money in it, and create something that will be a source of an ultimate fun, and the best ride that money could buy. So, Mike and Jim took the old 1972 Winnebago back to Wisconsin, equipped it with 900 Blown Chevy LS, which, according to their own words, is just what every vehicle like this one needs.

Facelift it on the outside (but not too much), and on the inside, they have equipped it with every last gadget and piece of hi-tech equipment they could get their hands on. And now, they are the proud owners of the fastest RV truck in the United States (according to their words). And even though their 1972 Winnebago still does not look much on the outside, it is most definitely one of the best rides for the entire family, or group of friends, there is out there.

Just check out the video below and see the Ring brothers ├╝bber ride with your own eyes, and tell us what you think about it. And If you want to see and find out more about other RV vehicles, a little bit more contemporary, go to this link.