1972 “Blood Diamond” Donk on 32-Inch Asanti Rims! Must Watch!

Check out this 1972 “Blood Diamond” Donk on 32-Inch Asanti Rims made by some guys at 1-95 Motorsports in S. Florida.

Every car deserves to be treated NICELY by its owner, that is for sure his DUTY and we are sure every Gearhead out there will agree!!! Whenever you buy a car, you should always think of ways to make it better even though it is already a real BEAST like this 1972 “BLOOD DIAMOND” DONK right here! It would have been a great vehicle however, but its proud owner decided to put some great 32″ ASANTI WHEELS and make it even a bigger BEAST!!! Of course, the interior is all done as well, so every detail is perfect in this one!!!

Must see these amazing Asanti Wheels. Asanti brings the notion of luxury to a whole new level! Check it out on this link!