1970 Mustang Fastback ProTourer Needs Help!

JDKcountry is a guy who we recently spotted on pro-touring blogs. Namely, he has a magnificent 1970 Fastback Pro Tourer, but he needs some help around the future mods and the drivetrain engine. Currenty, he has manual brembo disc brakes, 460ci Tremec 6 speed, pinion steering, manual rack, hydraulic clutch and so on.. If you have some useful advice for this guy, don`t hesitate to contact him. And now please take a look at this mind blowing paint job. Enjoy!

1970-mustang-fastback-protourer-01 1970-mustang-fastback-protourer-02 1970-mustang-fastback-protourer-03 1970-mustang-fastback-protourer-04