Stunning 1970 Ford Mustang Project “High School Hauler”!

Teenager Justin was a pretty cool 155-pound guy. He had it all. Good looks, the most awesome project old-timer  1970 Ford Mustang Project on Earth having a pair of mufflers from Flowmaster, 302 stock underneath and long tube headers. He was also about to earn his first pack of million dollars in cash. Pretty awesome for a 18-years old dude, huh?


So, now we go few steps forward. After nine years, things have changed for teenage Justin. He`s now an automotive journalist, who`s still up for the task of gaining his first million and the dreams of the then overweighed Justin, who seemed to know it all seem funny to this Justin he`s become now. He cannot save few thousands, left along a million bucks. He says it`s highly unlikely for him get enough money to buy himself a place to live in, or put something aside in his retirement fund.

His once amazing 1970 Ford Mustang Project now seems a little rusty and not the vehicle that once was. Justin admits that on the edges it was rough since forever, but he thought that was due to a small thing he has called patina. The “Old Blue” as Justin calls it, was problematic on 1970 Ford Mustang Project with the engine starting a little while back, but at that point the issue seemed cool to Justin, sorta device for anti theft.

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Justin admits that the issues the car has were mainly his fault, except the rust problem. Quite of the alterations were performed with no research,  with poor mechanical preparation and a stupidity coming from an adolescent who thinks he knows it all. Some issues are not as severe, such as his trunk which was lined egg crate or his homemade battery box and some are pretty alarming, like having no hose clamp on the line of fuel. Also, the `Stang keeps running even though the key is out of the column.

He is aware that his new car project is full with many issues that require a lot of work and it’s and is in real bad shape. So you’re probably wondering why he still pays attention and care? Well, this car is one of the many Ford projects nowadays.

So, without many talk  we give you the 1970 Stang coupe -- High school Hauler. This baby shall be used as an elemental solider on the streets that shall give an exclusive all-time rides all across the town`s streets and will still be able to maintain a cool appearance and the wish of a teenager enthusiast. Sure, we`ll empty our pockets and be short of cash for quite a while, but its something we must do. Everybody should pursue their dreams. Its not something that an average wage cannot withstand.

So, as you all expect, we are planning to show you each and every step on our path,  even if it means admitting to our past mistakes. Believe me, we`ve made plenty of mistakes already -a few of which are numbered on the next couple of pages. But, those are mistakes that everyone, without exception makes when he starts a car reparation or restoration project. The others will laugh, we are sure of it. However, we sincerely hope that the High School Hauler shall give you an additional motive to restart an old project, or start a brand new.

Remember -- he first step is always the hardest.