Cool 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe “Blue Belle” by Ron Heal!

Restoring a classic 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe  can be quite a job. Considering that all kinds of cars are brought to restoration, it takes patience, courage and time to conclude this kind of a project. We believe the owners, they know what they are talking about. They have built plenty of cars in a very short time, but the ones that took time and a lot of hard work are far more appreciated by their owners. At least we think so. Meyer Chris  from Tampa, Florida surely knows what we are talking about.


Chris Meyer, a constant participant of the Tampa`s Mustang club, owns a 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe for around ten years. He collected parts and items through the years along with his friends from the club in order to reanimate his baby. He resorted the engine and the transmission himself, after he found these parts from another proud Mustang owner. After he reconstructed the engine and the transmission he left them in the garage, waiting for better days we he will got the cash to repaint and redo the whole Mustang. That happened in 2003.

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1967-ford-mustang-front-three-quarter mdmp-1303-01+readers-roundup-march-2013+1967-ford-mustang-coupe-engine-view

Rusty Gillis, the owner of Gillis Performance Restorations, did the painting and scraping of his fellow club member Chris. Rusty dedicated a large quantity of his time to the redecoration of Chris Mustang. When his work was done, Chris added the new wiring, the high-back seats, new steering and suspension, brake lines and fresh fuel, seatbelts of three point for the interior and a rebuilt rear.

Recently, the Mustang took first place in the Mca`s occasional driver class at their Pensacola, Florida. Eileen a friend of Chris` wife, named the Brittany blue beauty -“Blue Belle” and is famous by its name until today!

The Blue Belle has a V 8, two hundred and eighty nine ci engine connected to an automatic transmission from the C4. Autolite 4100 is the carburetor. The coupe offers power steering system Borgeson, a dual  super exhaust, one hundred and ten amp One-wire alternator, fixed up stock internal wiring with fuse blade style box, mid/eye leaf springs ,seatbelts of 3 points, LED taillights, hi start of the torque, pretty cool FM/AM radio, power-radio antenna placed in right rear quarter-panel at the rear end and so much more.