Maybe Not The Real Drag Race… Check Those 1966 & 1989 BATMOBILES in ACTION!

If you are a DC fan, this is the video for you! Actaully you don`t need to be a DC fan to want to see the real Batmobile in action! The Super Power Beat Down team set up a drag race where only one could be the winner! The thing is, there are two Batmobiles, but which one will turn out to be the real Batmobile? They will be racing or showing off in a ¼ mile straightaway! The team took this seriously as they put two high speed cameras at the end of the track to determine which one is the real Batmobile! We have two types of Batmobiles, a classic 1966 and a 1989 Batmobile both attacking for the title! Damian Beurer will be behind the wheel for the 1966 Batmobile, while Andy Liegl will steer the 1989 model! You will not leave the pretty girl alone either as she will marvel you with her eyes! Interesting she will MARVEL you in a DC race!

In the video bellow you can see one of the most interesting drag races of all time, organized by Super Power Beat Down: 1966 Batmobile vs 1989 Batmobile. And the race is off! Who will be the real Batmobile? The ending looks like it`s a tie, even the drivers are not sure who won! Luckily, they got high speed cameras so the winner could be easily determined!

What kind of Batmobile do you prefer? The one from 1966 or the one from 1989? My choice is the classic from 1966!

So, turn the speaker on and enjoy these incredible rides and the amazing girl. We are not going to tell you who the real Batmobile turned out to be!

Share your thoughts with us and tell us what you think! ENJOY IT!

Finally, if you want to see the best performance cars in a single drag race, follow this link!


20 thoughts on “Maybe Not The Real Drag Race… Check Those 1966 & 1989 BATMOBILES in ACTION!

  1. KS


  2. lynchmob

    there were no losers in this race! the end was worth the cheesy thing!

    1. Fluffy Kitties

      Heh, the end WAS the cheesy thing, though not much worse than the rest.

  3. YourF%^kinSh!ttinME

    Ummm…producers take note! if a car starts a drag race on the left side–it MUST finish on the left side!!! Somehow these 2 cars ‘swapped’ sides during the race–I call it BULLSHIT!

  4. Scaramanga

    Funny that 89 Batmobile was racing in the right lane but finished in the left one.

    1. Aiden

      Its in the same lane, the recording camera is just on the other side. Its recording from the right lane at the finish line.

  5. Soulseeker

    look at the chick around 3:23, seems like she’s practising smting.
    If u know what i mean.

  6. jay


  7. NicNac13c

    Okay, so clearly neither of these idiots know a thing about these cars and neither is particularly articulate. Then they boss around the female in the video and she has to end the video in a demeaning fashion. This video gives geeks a bad name.

  8. Narc

    Obviously some one souped up the 66′ — there are stories of the Batmobile barely moving while they filmed the series

  9. Johnny66

    Marisha Ray, nice car wash!

  10. Dustin

    320hp c4 vette chassis …high 9 sec?….that made me laugh really hard

  11. mik

    I call BS, running 1/4 mile in 9 or 10s, give me a break !!!!

  12. lil boz

    I thought sound effects were for Nature Documentary’s.

  13. Carl Mitchell

    Did anyone notice that when the race started the 66′ was on the left, but when you look at the photo finish the 66′ was on the right.

    1. Ozzman

      Did you happen to notice that the exam of the finish was taken with the cars moving left to right, when the race was filmed right to left? This tells you the camera actually used for the photo finish was reverse angle. The cars never changed lanes.

  14. Loving the lady in the background action. if you want more girls with cars try getting a poster of the longstonetyres web site they are free and vintage.

  15. Len

    I would lose the race too. To watch her wash the winning car in a bikini.

  16. Joshua

    This was dump as hell I know the guys building the only Licensed 66′ batmobile replicas and this was not one of their cars…… what a joke

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