Amazing 1965 Chevy II Wagon With 6.2-Liter Engine!

Some cars just make more practical choices for fitting into the multiple roles a true daily driver must fulfill. At first sight, you may immediately place this runner into the “daily driver” category, but let us show you its ways. Any car can be turned into a daily driver, but some of the cars try to fit and fill all daily driver`s responsibilities. There is a special name for SUVs and crossovers. They go by “responsible rods.” Wagons are typical for these types of cars. This pink or maybe salmon wagon was the first hot rod of Bridget Kavanaugh. Clean and need, with no sighs of damage whatsoever. The car was in need of two things only: a chassis and a decent drivetrain. Bridget`s dad hired DSE to do the built, with the condition to be finished till Bridget`s 16th birthday. It was California legal, and the paint remained. The 1965 Chevy II Wagon was ready and waiting for Bridget on her special day. Today is in its best condition, with 4.500 miles on its meter.

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Under the hood of this 1965 Chevy II Wagon is a 6.2L E-Rod LS3 engine from Chevy Performance Part, so if you still think this kind of cars can’t be fast enough watch the video bellow: