1937 Ford on HOT ROD Power Tour 2013!

1937 Ford
Just mention an upgraded car and HOT ROD is there. It just likes all types of upgraded cars. However, the one that was in the centre of attention of the HOT ROD Power Tour was the 1937 Ford that started its journey in Medina, New York.

The owner of this vehicle, Mr. Rick Root, said that he signed up for this Hot Rod tour because he wanted to see whether he had built the car he was aiming for, a reliable and strong one. And, of course, this tour is the perfect opportunity to see if it is so. Rick spent a lot of time and put enormous efforts in this car which at the beginning was just a skeleton of steel without doors, dash, nothing. But, Rick`s persistence paid off. He collected different elements from various parts of the country and created this car. The chassis, for example, was made in Masadonia, Ohio. Rick chose his car to feature a `87 Vette TPI engine. As for the colour, the car is painted in yellow and orange. Portage Auto was responsible for the interior and Rick was responsible for the interior to be extremely well insulated, then he included a hell of a radio and an old-school air-conditioning system.

Rick is very satisfied with how the car turned out and he says that the ride in it is just incredible. When we asked him if he plans to do another car he immediately said that he is currently working on a `67 Chevy Nova which he is going to give to his wife to keep him company on the road.

1937 Ford

1937 Ford


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