1936 Plymouth Rat Rod! One of The Oldest Cars! Must See!

Bonneville Speed Week is really a hell of an event. It is not only about cars, but it is also about friendship and adventure. During the day, drivers drive their cars to the maximum, while during the nights there are campfires during which people meet new friends and share their stories and experiences. We are not telling this in vain, but we are telling this in order to start the story about a 1936 Plymouth rat rod we met there.

1936 Plymouth Rat Rod 4

The car was really something that immediately caught our attention. We went to the owner, Mr. Greg, who was very friendly and answered all our questions with pleasure. Greg invested more than 450 hours in an eight month period in building this car. As for the car we honestly cannot identify this model. We can only confirm that it is a Rat Rod. And as any other Rat Rod, this one is also made of different parts coming from various vehicles. The cab, for example, is of a 1936 Plymouth. Greg said that his plan was to build a monster that will work properly. And he certainly has succeeded.

After Greg has figured out the chassis and the suspension which are fully customized, it was time for him to pay attention to the mechanical things meaning the engine. Greg chose to use a 6 BT turbo diesel motor which is paired with 5 speed manual transmission and a bulletproof rear axle. In such way Greg has built a system that produces a lot of torque and a lot of hp.  Additionally it is a very good combination in terms of low fuel consumption.

1936 Plymouth Rat Rod

At the Bonneville Speed Week this car did not remain unnoticed. A lot of people were curiously lurking it from behind. But, when one gets closer, the little details such as the 1937 Studebaker grille or the Chevy truck headlights become visible. This vehicle really was in the spotlight of this event.

Finally, check the history of this amazing car on this link!

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