1926 Armstead Snow Tractor Vehicle! Why They Didn’t Develop It?

Armstead -- the screw propelled vehicle was produced in 1926 and it was designed to cope with with conditions like ice and difficult snow terrain. Instead of wheels or tracks, this thing was moved by 2 rotating horizontal cylinders that were fitted with a helical flange. That flange actually was engaged with the snow or ice surface. The company Armstead Snow Motor was established in 1920’s by the leading Detroit automobile makers with a name: “Snow Motors Inc”. This machine had the deepest snowdrifts that were spinning at 6 to 8 miles an hour. The snow tractor was powered by the tractor power plant and 2 revolving cylinders.

See it for yourself on the video below and share your thoughts with us! Finally, the snow tractor market is not solely reliable on the Armstead! Check it!