1800HP Twin Turbo Gallardo On FIRE At Over 200 MPH!!!

1800HP Twin Turbo Gallardo on FIRE at over 200 MPH! This is one INSANE race! We have seen countless incredible races, but this one is very special! One Lamborghini Gallardo caught fire at the end of this ridiculous drag race! Everyone loves the sight of fire spitting Lamborghini. However, watching such car caught on fire, tears the heart apart. We are glad to present you another fabulous drag battle between two Lamborghini Gallardos. They have the identical number of horsepower, the only thing that differs here is the paintjob. However, not everything went so smooth with this race. There was a little mishap, but thanks to the built in fire system in race cars like these, a bigger tragedy was avoided. If it wasn`t for this fire system, that car could`ve went a lot worse than it did. Not to mention the human`s life. On the other hand, this just shows the power of an 1800 horsepower twin turbo Gallardo!

As for the race itself, it was absolutely ASTONISHING! Two identical cars racing each other, and both of them even set a record! The difference between these two 1800hp Lamborghini Gallardos is that one is green and the other one is orange. The green Lamborghini Gallardo has a spoiler as well. Both cars got off to a great start, and accelerated really quickly! The orange Lamborghini Gallardo managed to accelerate from 60mph to 207mph in 1700 feet!  However, after going up to a whopping 207mph, the orange Gallardo was suddenly caught on fire! Due to the immense speed of the car, the turbocharger broke! Luckily, the driver didn`t sustain any injuries. We can only wonder how fast the car would have gone if the incident didn`t occur. As for the green Lamborghini Gallardo, it was even faster than its orange counterpart! This Gallardo managed to go 213mph! That is just ridiculous! Want to see a remarkable race and a twin turbo Gallardo catching fire? You know what you need to do.

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