1300HP Twin Turbo Viper MONSTER by RS! Running a Hell of a MPH!

Check this very impressive 1300 HP Twin Turbo Viper by RS, it’s running a hell of a mph!

Ah… Good old drag races. Never tired of watching them. Especially when we see people trying hard and giving their best in order to achieve success. See what can a 1300 horsepower, with serviced turbo, using E85 fuel, STREET LEGAL car is capable of doing on the track! First things first, a burnout. Nice, 9 seconds burnout creating thick clouds behind. This car is preparing for three runs! It finishes them with satisfying results for a Viper. The driver was hoping for finishing the track in less than 9.5 seconds, but sadly for him he didn`t manage to do so. After all, this vehicle is made for the streets, not for the track. We think it needs drag radials at the back for better time!

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Enjoy the video below!

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