1300HP Blown 1970 Chevelle Getting Sideways!

All of us out there simply enjoy the sound and the power of a mighty engine. There is something special about it, something that makes you wish for more and more. Even though we have seen some absolute beauties recently, it is time to check out this ridiculously powerful 1970 Chevelle that is capable of making as much as 1300 HP. Yes, that is right! This blown 1970 Chevelle can perform unlike any other car, but the driver was lucky enough to escape a serious crash. Namely, these guys decided to have a little fun with this beauty and they took it out on the road.

1300HP 1970 Chevelle Getting Sideways 2

They made couple of burnouts and after a while, it was time to head back home. This is where things could have got turned very bad. As he made that half turn on the road and headed back towards the place he came from, when he attempted another burnout just to prove what this 1300 HP monster is actually capable off, he suddenly lost control of his Blown 1970 Chevelle that caused his car to spin sideways.

Luckily, he was focused and managed to retain control of his vehicle and avoid some serious crash to the side of the road that could have possibly wreck his awesome ride. Though we see just the front of the car, we are most certain that it looks absolutely stunning.

What do you think, what could have happened if the driver had completely lost control of his car?