121 Years Since the Creation of the FIRST American Car – 1893 Duryea!

There is a long debate about the birth of the first American automobile that lasts more than a century, actually, ever since its creation in the late 19th century, in 1893 to be exact. Those who are investigating the history of cars have different opinions about who actually built the first car. Whether it was Ohio`s native John Lambert, who had built the first operational automobile in 1891, in the period when the internal-combustion engines were created and the fascination of it was on the highest level, or whether it was Elwood Haynes, who actually designed and constructed the very first car, which was not being pulled by a horse… But, most of the historians are giving this title to Duryea brothers, Charles and Frank, whose automobile called 1893 Duryea was first shown on the streets of Springfield, of Hampden County, Massachusetts, on September 22nd, in 1893. It was a car with one cylinder engine that was a real fascination in those days. But instead of sharing this success, Duryea brothers got into an argument over it, that eventually resulted with each of them taking a different path.

The original idea was Charles`, who was building bicycles and Frank was the mechanic who wanted to take all the credits for the creation of the car. The whole thing ended with both of Duryea brothers founding their own car building factories, but did not achieve some notable success.

The original 1893 Duryea car, “Buggyau”, ended up as a donation to the Smithsonian where it can still be seen today. Here is the video of it.

Enjoy the video below!

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