1000HP RB26 Silvia: 4th Gear Burnout!

Check this incredible 4th gear burnout by the 100hp RB26 Silvia.

OK! We learnt one thing, the best burnout is obviously made in 4th gear! If that`s not true, than how do you explain this BURNOUT FROM HELL performed by this NISSAN! With an engine like that no wonder the crowd went CRAZY, at least that is what we noticed while we could ACTUALLY SEE THEM! Later on, smoke covered the place so it was kind of hard to see the vehicle to be honest! Anyway, you can feel and HEAR the 1000 horsepower RB26 under the hood, there is definitely no mistake with that one! What do you think about this 4th gear BURNOUT?!

Enjoy the video below!

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