1000HP GTR R32: 8,625 Sec @ 165,2 MPH! This thing is FLYING!

Testing the highest potential of a vehicle can be a stressful experience for the ordinary driver, but luckily today we have professionals who are ready to bite off more than we can chew. This exact statement takes us to the traditional Russian Drag Racing Championship, where every year new records are being set and new cars are being tested. The video bellow is just a small piece of the cake that we are going to taste today and the sweetest part of it is of course the power of the 1000hp GTR Nissan R32.

Driven by Alexandr Albin, this car reaches its top on a drag strip by achieving a best run of amazing 8,625 sec @ 165,2 MPH at 1/4 mile. Whether the skills of the driver are decisive or the power of this super fast machine, one thing is sure -- this run is the best of both worlds. Furthermore, Albin’s perfect coordination with the vehicle may convince you that it is easy to drive a 1000 HP car on a drag strip. But, guess again…

Anyway, interested in seeing the fastest Nissan GTR?